You’ve created something amazing. But will people see it?

That’s where Pin Point Productions comes in.

At Pin Point, we know how to get your audience revved up in the days and weeks before your launch. We are masters of the teaser video – the kind that cuts through all the clutter and the static, and grabs your audience’s attention. We understand that teaser videos are not just advertisements. They’re one part art, one part science… and a whole lot of marketing chops.

Pin Point has worked for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge start-ups, from major universities to major rock stars to major networks. Whether it’s a new smart phone, the latest car model, or a brand new web series, we know that teaser videos are all about storytelling–about starting a great story that leaves your audience wanting more.

What sets Pin Point apart is our award-winning team of people. Our team is packed with pros, drawn from the ranks of Vancouver’s finest creative talent in film, television, video, and marketing. They are artists and master craftsmen—and they’ll all be at your disposal. Our team includes:

  • writers
  • directors
  • producers
  • cinematographers
  • camera crews
  • video and film editors
  • voice-over talent
  • art directors

Pin Point is a fully equipped, all-in-one business expertly versed in all avenues of production. We’ll help in designing the initial concept, writing the script, assembling the crew, devising the art direction, the stunts, the entire visual package—whatever your project needs.

Our designers will work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy or a simple one-off promotional spot. Our in-house graphic artists, designers, directors and editors are collaborators who will team up with you to take indeas from sketches and storyboards through to state of the art motion graphics, and right onto the air or on-line.

We understand budget constraints and know how to get the most visual pop out of limited resources. We also know how to bring top end visual tools into the mix for those who can afford it—from digital compositing tools to 3D rendering software.

Our a la carte services include:

  • live action shoots
  • multi-camera shoots
  • green screen shoots
  • motion capture video
  • stereoscopic 3D shoots
  • 3D animation
  • motion graphics
  • sit-down interviews
  • live events
  • streaming video

Because the right music is crucial to a powerful teaser video, we have an immense music database specifically created just for that purpose. We also have access to a half-dozen of the premier music licensing companies in Vancouver. From hip-hop to jazz, from simple drones to complex orchestral arrangements, we will help put the beat, and the energy, into your video.

And when your teaser video is done, we’ll get you sorted out with the final finishing, from the on-line editing and posting right through to delivery.

At Pin Point  we pride ourselves on rapid turnaround and delivery. Our specialists will provide the teaser video you need, on time and on budget.

After all your work, you need to bring in the largest possible audience. Let Pin Point Productions handle your teaser video. Call Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.