Pin Point’s first objective on every project is to fully comprehend our client’s objectives and aspirations for that particular video.

What do you want to say? Who do you want to speak to? What do you want that audience to think – or do – after viewing your project? Once we understand that, our concept development work can begin in earnest.

Our process often starts with a Creative Exploration, where we develop the agreed-upon project objectives into several distinct production options.

We explore numerous ways to execute the narrative content, visual style, graphics, music, and sound design, as well as which production techniques will best connect with the desired audience.

Our Creative Exploration includes research documents, story outlines, visual treatments, scripts, storyboards, previsualizations, and scratch audio recordings, representing all the key elements and creative choices for the project.

After considering dozens of options and choices, we assemble all the best elements and ideas into three compelling final concepts, to present to the client for evaluation and discussion.

Pin Point does Development work for the following types of projects:

  • tv spots
  • trailers
  • pitch videos
  • documentaries
  • music videos
  • title sequences
  • graphics packages
  • corporate videos
  • promotional videos
  • sizzle reels
  • web videos
  • industrial videos
  • event coverage
  • training videos
  • demo videos

Do you have an idea for a video? Do you need more information and guidance for your vision? Let Pin Point Productions transform your idea into an effective video.

Call Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.