Today’s consumer is more overwhelmed with information than any time in history. In order to capture their attention, users demand an extremely high level of engagement to take notice of your message among the thousands that they encounter each day. Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested every year by Hollywood studios to create hyper-real experiences. Even the lowest budget productions devote resources to enhancing their story with computer graphics and motion.

Pin Point Productions understands this and knows that in order to make stories more impactful and memorable, the use of motion graphics are critical. Employing today’s most advanced technologies and tools, Pin Point ensure that each production we deliver takes full advantage of motion design elements to keep users engaged.

Motion design video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation; visual graphics are typically combined with audio for use in all of our multimedia projects. As we story board your production, we look for instances where animations, 3D rotoscoping, CGI and animated text can be employed where it can help visualize an idea. This process involves the creation of graphic elements that are then animated over live action footage, or used as standalone shots. Our team of motion designers develops graphic designs that incorporate elements of time, space, and sound. This is an evolving visual medium, which Pin Point is at the forefront of. Some basic examples of Motion Design are animated text on screen, lower 3rds, and animated logos.

Animated infographics can captivate your audience by delivering an informative and entertaining storyline. While motion graphics deliver a more passive interaction between the audience and the content, the experiences are rich with stimuli. As a result, motion graphics work well when communicating a single idea or process – and hold the attention of the audience. Animated infographics provide excellent viral potential and are best used when your objective is to communicate a linear story to engage viewers on multiple levels.

Pin Point employs various tools and technologies including: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Motion, Final Cut Studio, Dreamweaver, and Flash as well as manual forms like thaumatrope, phenakistoscope, stroboscope, zoetrope, praxinoscope and flip books.

Want to make sure your message engages and captivates your audience? Pin Point Productions’ Motion Design expertise will help make the difference in your video initiative.

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