Pin Point’s Entertainment Department collaborates with artists, producers, and content distributors all across the world, to produce dynamic narrative experiences for their audiences:

  • music video production
  • documentaries
  • broadcast promos
  • movie trailers
  • concert visuals
  • title sequences
  • graphics packages
  • independent films

Pin Point’s carefully-curated production team includes some of the top players from the worlds of feature film, broadcast television, music, video games, sports, and digital media.

  • writers
  • directors
  • producers
  • cinematographers
  • editors
  • art directors
  • casting directors
  • hair & make-up
  • wardrobe stylists
  • stuntmen

Pin Point Productions can help you design, budget, staff, and produce anything from a low-budget hand-held one-camera shoot, to a studio-scale multi-camera epic.

From Super 16 and 35 MM, to 4K and Stereoscopic 3D, if you can dream it, Pin Point Productions can make it happen.

We also offer a full slate of post-production services, including:

  • video editing
  • motion graphics
  • 3D animation
  • visual effects
  • music scoring
  • sound design
  • color correction
  • video delivery

Pin Point produces many different types of Special Shoots for film and video projects including:

  • green screen
  • motion capture
  • stereoscopic 3D
  • large scale shoots
  • action sports
  • streaming video
  • time lapse shoots
  • aerial video shoots

When the creative work is done, Pin Point also handles the final finishing, from the onlining and posting right through to delivery:

  • audio mastering
  • surround sound mixing
  • motion retouching
  • subtitles
  • video encoding
  • video seeding
  • mobile video
  • blu-ray

If you’ve got a story to tell, a point to make, or an idea to share, let Pin Point Productions help you bring it to fruition. Call Pin Point Productions a Call Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.