You’ve got the music. We’ve got the visual and video effects that will showcase it – and give your performance the impact it deserves.

At Pin Point Productions, we can supersize your music with concert visuals that will truly bring your live act alive. We’ll help you create a look that enhances your concerts and your sound — eye-popping, mind-bending imagery that will blow away your fans… and bring your performances to a much bigger audience.

To make that happen, Pin Point offers one-stop shopping—the entire package of creative services under one roof. We will work with you to design your visuals. We’ll craft great pre-recorded imagery. We’ll create computer-generated graphics and effects that use the state of the art tools in digital design, rendering, and compositing.

Most importantly, our award-winning team of cameramen and engineers will be there on concert day to deliver the close-ups, the angles, the live visuals as your act performs. We can:

• Capture live performances in multi-camera HD

• Enhance production values with steadicams, jibs & cranes

• Create CGI and graphics packages

• Shoot additional footage to weave into concert video

• Design entire “live look”

Then we’ll project it all with pristine image quality onto our immense, state of the art LED Indoor / Outdoor display screens. With digital video projection and LED display screens, you can make every seat a great seat. You can put every fan up on stage with you. So why limit your audience, when you can increase your fan base, your ticket sales, and your bottom line?

Of course, we understand the constraints of a tight budget and know how to get the most visual pop out of limited resources. We also know how to bring top end visual tools into the mix for those who can afford it—from digital compositing tools like After Effects to 3D rendering software like Maya. From steadicams to slow-mo, from High Def to 35 MM and RED cameras, if you can dream it, we can make it happen. A la carte production services include:

  • green screen
  • motion capture
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • stereoscopic 3D
  • video finishing

But the technology is just the start. Indigo’s award-winning team is drawn from the ranks of New York’s finest TV, film, music and stage professionals.

  • cinematographers
  • directors
  • producers
  • video editors
  • performers
  • art directors

And while we’re filming, Indigo can offer the state of the art in concert film production. Our cameramen, directors, and CGI and graphics designers are a who’s who list of top tier talent – master craftsmen who can bring real artistry to crafting the images your music needs. We can:

• Record studio rehearsals

• Film club dates

• Capture top-end performance footage with multi-cam HD set-up (steadicams, jibs, cranes etc)

• Shoot behind the scenes “documentary” footage

• Edit concert footage into music videos or full-length films

At Pin Point, we understand what makes a strong performance, and how to make it even more powerful… how to lift your live act from good to great.

If you have the music and the desire, our team is ready to help take your concerts to the next level.Call Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.