You’ve got a message to deliver. And we’ll make sure it has the impact it deserves.We’ve worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies. We’d like to work with you to elevate your speeches, your corporate events, your marketing presentations – to give them the full visual impact they deserve.

To make that happen, Pin Point Productions offers one-stop shopping—the entire package of creative services under one roof. We will work together to design your visuals. We’ll create the graphics and effects that tell your story.

On presentation day, our award-winning team of producers, directors, graphic artists, lighting designers and video production engineers, will be there to deliver presentation graphics, live camera shots, wide screen and multi-image HD displays – all the visuals that will enhance your presentation.

Here’s how we can help you:

• Design and create custom presentation graphics in a variety of HD screen formats

• Create a Production Design for any space, incorporating digital video projection; custom LED displays using the latest state of the art video and lighting technology, live camera image magnification.

• Shoot additional footage to weave into background video

All of the above delivered with pristine image quality, using high end digital video projectors, or state of the art LED Indoor / Outdoor display screens. With digital video projection and display screens, you can make every seat a great seat. Why limit your audience?

With our large format super-wide display capability, you can spread access to your event across the room, across the auditorium, or across the nation. We handle:

  • marketing campaigns
  • corporate events
  • training presentations
  • internet videos
  • industrial videos
  • promotional videos
  • corporate videos

The technology is just the start. What sets Pin Point Productions apart is our people. Our award-winning team is drawn from the ranks of the finest live event specialists across the country. They understand what it takes to deliver an event with maximum impact. They’ve been doing it all their lives.

• producers

• creative directors

• writers

• technical directors

• stage managers

• video directors

• lighting directors

• video and audio engineers

• production support staff

At Pin Point Productions, we understand what makes a strong presentation, and how to make it even more powerful… how to lift your event from good to great.

Our team is ready to help take your events to the next level. Give us a call at Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.