When it comes to the many moments of spontaneity and surprise to which award shows are prone, Pin Point Productions has the expertise and structure in place to adjust on the fly and execute a flawless ceremony that highlights, not hinders, these human moments.Our team of seasoned professionals derives from a variety of entertainment and media, including live theater and reality TV. With the state-of-the-art equipment and special effects Pin Point Productions offers, they have the savvy and wherewithal to create the lavish affair you expect, while also providing the on-the-fly troubleshooting skills that will enhance, not quash, those true-life elements, which make for a smoothly flowing, magical evening of entertainment.

Pin Point Productions will work with you, taking careful consideration of your objectives, ideas and budget, to craft a show that will meet all your goals. Our technical team will research the venue beforehand, note its assets and weaknesses, to better prepare the plan and thus circumnavigate potential problems before they happen, saving you money that can be more effectively spent on the event. And Pin Point Productions will be your liaison with building management, union heads and Fire Marshall to ensure all codes are followed and nothing is left to chance.

Our full-service on-site facilities allow real-time oversight at every level. We construct any custom set pieces, props or scenery you may require, from humble to humungous. We devise a color scheme, create a lighting plan, fashion an audio program, and plot all staging and seating; everything integrated smoothly into the story you want to tell.

Pin Point Productions offers the most advanced equipment and employs the current techniques, such as our CAD design drawings, which present a virtual display of the show from every angle. You’ll be able to tweak the lighting, adjust props, change staging, and most importantly approve each phase beforehand, ensuring satisfaction and allaying disappointment when the big day arrives.

Or our I-Mag (Image Magnification) system, which uses one or more video cameras, projectors and screens to enlarge the podium from which the awards are presented and accepted, allowing every audience member to share in the event’s most intimate moments.

And of course if you’re interested in video production, we’re second to none.

Have an upcoming award ceremony? Want to create an event that runs seamlessly and captures every sparkling moment? Let Pin Point Productions show you how. Give us a call at Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.