Meetings are an essential means for a company to convey information, share ideas and inform its people. Hours are spent researching, collecting, and shaping data in its preparation.Why not ensure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste? Let Pin Point Productions craft your meeting into a stimulating event, which will leave your audience energized and talking.

We offer cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance your gathering and engage your listeners like never before. We will create a production design customized to your message, with staging and scenic elements created to transform any venue or space into en experiential environment that promotes your message and your brand.

With large screen HD video projection in a multitude of formats, LED displays, high end audio systems, custom presentation graphics, video image magnification, all seamlessly integrated to ensure a successful, high impact meeting for your audience.

First, you tell us what you want to accomplish, the key components of the meeting, those elements you want to impart upon the attendees. You set the parameters. From single speaker to multi-media demonstration to full-blown extravaganza, Pin Point Productions will maximize your meeting’s potential.

Our full-service team of creators will craft a presentation that will engage and excite. As master from the worlds of film, music, social media, journalism, reality TV and more, they have the talent and expertise to shape any concept or data, from the seemingly mundane to most esoteric, into a memorable, informative experience, one which will captivate, excite, and surprise.

But though they draw from diverse backgrounds, our crew share a common trait: a love for reaching out to people. They approach every assignment, whether corporate meeting or extravagant spectacle, with the same passion, always challenging themselves to make each better than the one before.

Your meeting will share all the excitement and effects of a stadium concert, but fashioned so as enhance, not obfuscate the message. Your audience will leave with, not only a deep understanding of the material, but also one that will provoke additional thought and action.

Want to make the most of your next corporate gathering? Interested in truly making an impact? Let Pin Point Productions show you how. Give us a call at Pin Point Productions at 604-872.FILM(3456) or visit our contact page.