BC Ministry of Agriculture & Food Innovation Centre of B.C


Resilient Consulting Group Inc.

Together with Pin Point, Resilient Group worked with their clients to create a series of four videos featuring leading BC-based food products companies, whose executives provide their thoughts on the value and benefit a food development centre would bring to BC’s agri-food, functional food, natural health and bio-products sectors.

Nutriva Group & Avalon Dairy (Vitala Milk) – Focusing on the theme of industry but insufficient experience to bring the product to market quickly.

Freybe Gourmet Foods & Country Prime Meats – This video discusses the opportunities BC food companies have in exporting to international markets. Featuring Sven Freybe of Freybe Gourmet Foods and Peter and Markus Springmann of Country Prime Meats, the video discusses how the two companies collaborate in the production of dry cured meat snacks, but also how they share knowledge, especially when it comes to exporting to Asia.

Garden Protein International – Featuring Yves Potvin, founder of Yves Veggie Cuisine and his current company, Garden Protein International, this video tells of Yves’ success as a visionary entrepreneur, and talks of how a food innovation centre in BC would allow people like Yves and companies like Garden Protein International to share their knowledge and give back to the industry, making it more globally competitive.