Fortis BC


We started working with FortisBC (formerly Terasen Gas) back in September of 2009 when we were selected to video document the replacement of two gas pipelines under the Fraser River.  Our relationship has evolved since September 2009 with us producing more than two dozen videos.  In addition we were the production company of choice to re-brand all their videos; including the videos produced by other suppliers.

This Video is part five in an ongoing series being produced for FortisBC by Pin Point in creative cooperation with Cam Craig, their head of Brand Advertising. Each of these videos was shot within the course of an afternoon and edited over the next few days taking input from a number of different stakeholders within the two companies (Fairmont and Fortis). This video is a great example of how Pin Point was able to accomplish a very technical edit and make it look easy. There were over a half dozen interested parties, each of whom required the edit to include or exclude very specific things in order to maintain brand integrity and avoid libelous claims. The result is a one-minute statement culled from over 30 minutes of interview footage that is both concise and powerful.