VANOC – 2010


Pin Point had been working with VANOC on a number of video projects leading up to the games including the pre-production planning of the VANOC Olympic Daily Host videos.  We were approached by Graeme Menzies, the director of online communications of VANOC to produce a video for John Furlong.  As CEO of VANOC, one of Mr. Furlong’s personal missions was to continue the message of the Olympic Truce Program.  “The origins of the Olympic Truce, was the rulers called for a cessation of all fighting so the athletes could make their way to the games and compete in the games in the spirit of peace.”  We journeyed north beyond the Arctic Circle with VANOC and the Canadian Forces to capture the Olympic Truce project. Teaming up with Nike, VANOC delivered sporting equipment and programs to 17 rural communities across the north, touching all 3 territories in 7 days.  This video is now a part of the Olympic 2010 legacy.